Between Sin and Grace

“Furthermore, the exceeding riches of God’s grace may be guessed at by the fact divine mercy is above all our sins.  You cannot sin so much as God can forgive.  If it comes to a battle between sin and grace, you shall never be so bad as God shall be good.  You can only sin as a man, but God can forgive as a God.  You sin as a finite creature, but the Lord forgives as the infinite Creator.  When that thought struck my soul last night, I felt like Abraham when he laughed for joy.  I sin like a man, but He forgives like a God.  We will never sin that grace may abound, for that is detestable.  But what a blessed text it is: “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” (Romans 5:20).  Gross and intolerable as your sin may be, yet it is but as the drop of a bucket compared with the immense ocean of forgiving love.  Does that not magnify the mercy of God?”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Grace Abounding in a Sinner’s Life


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